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Q: How does Virtual Escape Room work?

A: Similar to a physical escape room game, players will cooperatively search for clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in a series of rooms to progress through the game within a limited amount of time. This will now be done in the online environment where players will interact with the user interface to surface clues and solve the puzzles in the virtual room.


At AveLIVEX, we aimed to elevate this experience by introducing the concept of Multi-player Multi-perspective Escape Room, where players may solve common and separate challenges, and everyone needs to communicate with one another to help each player to solve their individual puzzle for the entire team to progress. This setup ensures that each player has a role to play in the team, perfect for fostering team communication and spirit. 

Q: How does Virtual Role Play Murder Mystery work?

A: A Role Playing Murder Mystery Game is a game in which each player in a group takes on a character or suspect in a crime. Each character has his or her own secrets, which he or she must hide from other players while working with everyone to find the culprit.


On the AveLIVEX virtual environment, after logging in, players will be assigned to their characters by the system and re-directed to read relevant information for their roles. They are able to visualise the storyline and background setup through our platform designs, trigger events that reveal new facts to progress the plot and work together to vote out the culprit through the system. On top of that, our team has also prepared character-specific virtual backgrounds to help players better immerse themselves in the storyline!

Q: How are the Virtual Escape Room and the Virtual Role Playing Murder Mystery games conducted?

A: All the games will be conducted online - all you need is a laptop with browser connected to the Internet and you are set! For the Role Playing Murder Mystery, due to the plot complexity, we would recommend you to have some writing materials at hand so that you could jot down testimonials from other players for the deduction.


Once we have confirmed your booking, you will receive an email from us with the following: 

(1) The game site, which requires you to create an account. If you have an existing account on our game site, you would be asked to log in.

(2) Your Booking ID, which you need to key in at the booked time to start the game

(3) A teleconference link for you and your friends to join for discussion

Kindly note that while we may not have a Game Master who would be always with you on the call, we would be providing you with thorough instructions and demonstrations before the game starts. Should you have any question, please feel free to chat with us directly on the game site!

After the game, please feel free to share with us your review and a screenshot of your group enjoying the session. You would be able to receive a discount of SGD 5 for your next game on AveLIVEX!

Q: How many people can play your game?

A: Please refer to the Game List or the respective Game Profile Page to check on each game's capacity. Please note that if the capacity indicates an exact number, for example 5 pax, there needs to be exactly 5 pax for the game to be booked. This is because some of our storylines and clues have very specific roles and missions for each character, and having more or fewer players may introduce flaws to the storyline. For games that show a range of acceptable capacity, any number of players that fall within that range would be acceptable.

For corporate team building with larger groups, please share with us more details under the Contact section. Our platform is capable of managing multiple concurrent groups' sessions and calculating the groups' scores on a leaderboard depending on their progress through the game. We have successfully hosted such team building activity for more than 1,500 pax across 4 countries at once!

Q: Can your platform be integrated with virtual event platforms for kickoff day, appreciation event and more?

A: Yes we can! Our virtual event platform, AveLIVE is a versatile and interactive platform consisting of a wide range of features for exhibitions, trade shows, webinars, kickoff day, and many others. AveLIVE also comprises various interactive modules such as networking zone, lucky draw, virtual photo booth, AR challenge, scavenger hunt and the suite of AveLIVEX games for team building and virtual event gamification. If you are interested in how we could help spice up your next virtual event through AveLIVE and AveLIVEX, please reach out to us via the Contact section or email us at avelive@avenevv.com.

Q: Are your games suitable for everyone?

A: There is no age limit for our game, but those who are 13 and below may find the puzzles to be challenging. For those who are 13 to 18, parent or guardian consent is needed to make a booking on our platform and access our game site. 

Q: How long is your game?

A: Our games' duration range from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the type and difficulty level of the game. The game duration on our website is a maximum so you may end the game earlier if you can solve the puzzles or vote for the culprit before time is up. If time is up and you are unable to finish the game in time:
(1) for Escape Room, you will not be able to continue solving the puzzles

(2) for Role Playing Murder Mystery, the culprit will win (hence it is highly recommended that you should vote before time is up!)

Q: How can I book your games?

A: From the Game Profile Page, Game List Page or even Home Page, once you click "Book Now!", you will be re-directed to our Booking Page where we would guide you through 5 steps to complete the booking. 


Please note that payment needs to be made before we could confirm your booking and share with you your Booking ID and link to access the game. We will take approximately 3 working days to verify your payment and booking before reverting to you via email. We accept PayNow, FAST / Bank Transfer and PayPal (for international players).

You may also drop us an email via avelive@avenevv to further enquire before booking.

Q: How many days in advance do we need to book the game?

A: As we will take approximately 1-2 days to verify and process your booking, please ensure that you book at least 24 hours before the game so that we would have sufficient time to process your booking.

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking? Do I get a refund?

A: We do not refund even if the booking is cancelled. However, you may email us at avelive@avenevv.com with your Booking ID 24 hours before the game to let us know if you need to reschedule the session. 

Q: What if one person could not join the session? Can another player join in place of this person?

A: We only require the number of players to stay the same. The players may change, as long as it is the same number of players. If more or fewer players are joining, please ensure that the number fits with the respective game's capacity. If more players are joining, please make payment and email to inform us of the change 24 hours prior to the game for the setup. If fewer players are joining, you would not be able to get a refund for the reduction in the number of players.

Q:  What happens if some players get disconnected during the game?

A: The player could enter the game site again and key in their Booking ID to continue the game. Note that the time count down will continue with the group progress even though one player gets disconnected.