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Guardians of the East: The Awakening

Escape Room

Fantasy, Chinese Theme, Virtual Game Play, Deduction & Puzzle Solving, Available in English and Chinese

"…As we walked into the shop, the lanterns at the back suddenly lit up and the room became wider. It was as if we have entered a different world. The overwhelming scents of old pages, rusty antiques, charred wood and dust permeated the dilapidated air. We panicked, turned around looking for a way out.

But the entrance was nowhere to be found...

Where are we? Why did we end up here? How do we get out of this place?"

You and your friends will embark on an exciting journey to uncover the mysteries and special missions hidden in this Chinese antique shop. Solve the puzzles and fulfill your mission before time is up!

This is a Virtual Multi-player and Multi-perspective Escape Room Game where players may share common and separate missions. You and your teammates need to communicate with one another throughout the game to ensure that you can help each person solve the puzzle in his or her respective room for everyone to escape.

Price per pax


​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Success Rate

Average Rating

$25 per pax (virtual)


4 - 8 pax

1 hour

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# / 5 (# reviews)



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Really funnn


Golden Feather Rating.png

The game was so fun and exciting!


Golden Feather Rating.png

Interesting game! Love the individual elements :)


Golden Feather Rating.png

Very interesting and engaging, spurs alot of inter player communication and interaction. Fun experience


Golden Feather Rating.png

the game was engaging and bring a good level of difficulties


Golden Feather Rating.png

Game was fun aside from some technical hiccups. Interesting use of the multi-room format.

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