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Get in groups of 2 to 6 to embark on an exciting virtual escape race from the lens of our favourite Singaporean characters!
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SGD 150
Cash prize
of Game Maniac Series Puzzle Hunts for your team
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About Tournament
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Form a group of 2-6 and sign up for the tournament here.

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Payment confirmation & instructions from the Organiser

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Turn up for the tournament at your session and have fun!

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Tournament winners will be announced  after the last session

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21 AUG 2021 (SAT) 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT

22 AUG 2021 (SUN) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

22 AUG 2021 (SUN) 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM SGT

22 AUG 2021 (SUN) 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM SGT

Please read the Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions and the FAQ before signing up.

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Attractive prizes line-up for the top 10 teams!

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Multi-perspective escape room and amazing race, with unique puzzles and missions to test your problem-solving and optimisation skills!

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Surprise elements throughout the game to spice up your experience!

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(By 7 AUG 2021)
SGD 18
(UP. SGD 28)
per pax
SGD 20
(UP. SGD 28)
per pax
About the Challenge
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Legend has it that the Prince of Palembang of the Srivijaya Empire, who went by the name Sang Nila Utama, saw an island with shimmering white sands across the sea during his hunting trip. Curious, he asked his chief minister about it, and was told that it was called Temasek. Eager to explore the island, he returned to his ship and set sail.

En route to the island, a violent storm broke out, forcing him and his crew to throw out heavy items into the sea to keep the ship afloat. On the advice of the ship’s captain, Sang Nila Utama threw his crown and other treasures overboard as a gift to appease and perhaps calm the Sea. Soon after, the storm cleared away and they arrived safely at the shores of Temasek.

While exploring the island, he spotted a creature that looked like a 'singha' ('lion' in Sanskrit). Believing it to be a good omen, the prince and his men stayed on the island and founded a city, renaming it Singapura (Lion City)

As Singapore flourished centuries after centuries, the tale of the lost treasures has also come to pass and become only a legend... Or is it?

In this Multi-Player, Multi-Perspective Escape Room and Amazing Race Game, you will get the chance to rediscover Singapore through the lens of our unique local characters (with their own “superpower”!) and work together to uncover the lost treasure of Sang Nila Utama. Highly interactive and fun game that will test your knowledge of Singapore culture and lifestyle!

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Q: What is the "Escape Tournament" about?

A: "Escape Tournament" is a series of virtual escape room tournaments organised by AveLIVEX. We welcome players to join in various group sizes and compete to finish the game with the highest points or the shortest time. 

Our season 1, which took place in June 2021, attracted 45 teams across the world to compete for the championship.

This season 2, groups of 2 to 6 will be competing to solve AveLIVEX's latest virtual escape room and amazing race "The Lion City Quest". The game will last for around 1 hour.

Q: Who can participate in the "Escape Tournament"?

A: We welcome anyone to participate in the tournament. However, due to the difficulty of the puzzles, we would recommend players to be above 15 years old. Players who are below 18 years old would need to have their parents or guardians sign them up for the games. 

Q: How is the game conducted? What do I need to participate in the tournament?

A: The games will be conducted online - all you need is a laptop with browser connected to the Internet and you are set! Due to the difficulty of the puzzles, we would recommend you to have some writing materials at hand.

Q: I have signed up for the tournament. What's next?


A: Once we have confirmed your booking, you will receive an email from us with the confirmation and the following:

(1) the event site, which requires you to create an account

(2) a teleconference link for you and your friends to join for general briefing

Q: I am unable to join the selected session anymore. What should I do?


A: If you are unable to join your selected session but are available for other sessions, please email us at and inform us of the new session that you would like to attend. Please inform us at least 24 hours before your initially booked session begins as we may not be able to accommodate any last minute changes.


If you are unable to participate in the Tournament at all, but the rest of your group are able to, please email to inform us at If your initial group has exactly 2 people, your group needs to provide us with a replacement at least 24 hours before the session to ensure that they are able to continue. If your initial group has more than 2 people, your group does not need to provide a replacement so long as your group size after any withdrawal meet the minimum group size of 2 persons. However, please email to inform us in all cases so that we could update the system accordingly. You will not be able to get a refund for any withdrawals or cancellations.

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AveLIVEX is an Interactive Virtual Escape Room and Role-Playing Murder Mystery Game in Singapore. We pride ourselves in interesting storylines, high-quality puzzles and content, as well as curated unique designs and context visualisation.


Piloting the concept of multi-player, multi-perspectives escape room and murder mystery game play, we aim to provide an interactive playground for teams to come closer to collaborate, share enjoyable moments and foster camaraderie.

We have successfully hosted various remote cross-region team building sessions for multiple global established brands.

Find out more about AveLIVEX here.

Get in touch with us if you have any question about the tournament!

10 Anson Road, #33-03 International Plaza,

079903 Singapore

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