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Guardians of the East: The Cyber Trap

Escape Room

Futuristic, Fantasy, Virtual Game Play, Deductive & Puzzle Solving

"...We landed rough in a dark and damp room.

"This is HIS first level of subconscious? It must be tough down here", said Void

As we felt our way around the room, we figured that there was a piece of paper on the wall. But it was too dark to see anything..."

This is the third part of the series “Guardians of the East” that continues the story after the team has successfully cured themselves from “Guardians of the East: The Fateful Reunion” (however, players can still play this game as per normal without playing the first 2 games).

In this episode, our guardians are determined to come after the Boss, following him into his subconscious world to learn the secrets behind the dark network. However, the Boss has anticipated their arrival and planned to trap them in the cyber world forever. In this adventure, while the members’ supernatural abilities may be altered slightly, they continue to leverage on their unique capabilities to uncover the truth and protect one another from the lurking dangers.

Price per pax


​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Success Rate

Average Rating

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3 - 9 pax

1 hour

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