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Guardians of the East: The Fallen Guardian

Escape Room

Historical, Fantasy, Virtual Game Play, Deduction & Puzzle Solving

"...The Holy Ground was shaking and started to collapse. It was too late; darkness has engulfed everything.

The lightning split the darkness into halves. The ground crumpled beneath us and swallowed a figure.

'Huang? Huang? Are you okay?' - I shouted, only to hear my own voice echoing back in the wilderness..."

What happened after you failed to restore the Guardians in time? (find out how at "Guardians of the East: The Awakening") What happened to Huang? Are you able to rescue your friend and turn the situation around?

This time, your team would be on a mission to rescue one of you, fight the darkness, bring back peace to the land and restore the power of the Guardians. Time is ticking!

This is a Virtual Multi-player and Multi-perspective Escape Room Game where players may share common and separate missions. You and your teammates need to communicate with one another throughout the game to ensure that you can help each person solve the puzzle in his or her respective room for everyone to escape.

Price per pax


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Difficulty Level

Success Rate

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2 - 8 pax

1 hour

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