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Guardians of the East: The Fateful Reunion

Escape Room

Fantasy, Restaurant Theme, Virtual Game Play with Superpowers, Deduction & Puzzle Solving, Available in English and Chinese

"... 'Cheers everyone!’

I raised my cup and took a sip. Everything turned blurry and the world darkened before my eyes.

I was not sure for how long, but when I came to, other diners in the restaurant have collapsed on their tables. After I woke the other 3 Guardians up, we realised that we all have been poisoned and our powers were gone. We were locked in the dining room, and it is only a matter of time before the poison takes over our body...”

Having bestowed the power from the Guardians (find out how at "Guardians of the East: The Awakening"), you and your friends started possessing different unique abilities that would aid you in your quest to protect the world from peril.

But what happened to you and everyone at that fateful reunion? Who was behind this incident? How could you use your unique abilities and find a cure for you and everyone in the restaurant?

Join us on this quest to uncover your superpower and the secrets behind the toast at the reunion, and save yourself and everyone before it is too late!

This is a Virtual Multi-player and Multi-perspective Escape Room Game where players may share common and separate missions. You and your teammates need to communicate with one another throughout the game to ensure that you can help each person solve the puzzle in his or her respective room for everyone to escape.

Price per pax


​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Success Rate

Average Rating

$25 per pax (virtual)


4 - 8 pax

1.5 hours

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# / 5 (# reviews)


Ying Yin

Golden Feather Rating.png

Quite interesting and challenging! I enjoyed it


Golden Feather Rating.png

Very interesting story line and great graphics! The food items are so cute and i love how we can collect treasures that serve as clues. I had a great team-bonding experience and everyone had a lot of fun!

Hui Wen

Golden Feather Rating.png

Pls make game available to tablet.


Golden Feather Rating.png

Very fun and challenging game!


Golden Feather Rating.png

very fun escape game! puzzles were challenging and teamwork was needed to solve it. storyline was clear and interesting and information was easy to access with the collection of items


Golden Feather Rating.png

This is so fun!!!! It was not confusing but it was challenging enough. The collecting items part was good as all of us can access the information at the same time. The floorplan was good too as we need not re-input the password again. There are parts where different players get to do something and all of us have to work together to solve. Overall, good and will definitely recommend it to others!

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