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The Golden Feather Thief

Role Playing Murder Mystery

Immersive Fantasy Role-Play, Ancient Chinese Theme, Virtual game play, Deduction & Crime Solving

On the Eve of every Lunar New Year, the Gods in the Heavens would gather around the Holy Temple after the Great Feast to witness the annual Blessing Ceremony. This year, as the clock struck 12, the crowd began to gather outside the Holy Temple as the nightfall took the stage on the very last day of the year. To everyone’s surprise, the beaming aura from the Golden Feather kept at the top of Holy Temple has gone.

Did something happen to the Golden Feather? We must figure out!

This time, you and your friends will role play as 5 zodiacs – Mouse, Ox, Snake, Monkey and Pig, to uncover the secrets inside the Holy Temple and figure out who, among you, was the culprit behind this incident.

This is a Virtual Role Playing Murder Mystery Game.

A Role Playing Murder Mystery Game is a game in which each player in a group takes on a character or suspect in a crime. Each character has his or her own secrets, which he or she must hide from other players while working with everyone to find the culprit.

Price per pax


​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Success Rate

Average Rating

$18 per pax (virtual)


5 pax

2 hours

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Golden Feather Rating.png

Wow amazing!


Golden Feather Rating.png

A fun and creative case, with suspicion spread quite evenly around. Nice use of case details and evidence as well!


Golden Feather Rating.png

The game was fun and the story was interesting.

Would suggest there to be a way to open all the information without needing to swap pages so often.

Ying Yin

Golden Feather Rating.png

i loved it!!!! because i was the culprit and I won haha


Golden Feather Rating.png

Game master patient and jovial as always :p This is usually not my kind of game, but it was a different experience with the elaborate back stories and individual secrets. Though I'm one who can't concentrate on much complicated reading while playing escape hahaha I think time was alot so sufficient to get all the stories. Backgrounds always a nice touch to the games.


Golden Feather Rating.png

Had a super fun team bonding session with my team trying to solve the mystery! It was really detailed and exciting. It is amazing how the different clues piece together and everything made sense and flow!

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