Amazing Race

Legend has it that the Prince of Palembang of the Srivijaya Empire, who went by the name Sang Nila Utama, saw an island with shimmering white sands across the sea during his hunting trip. Curious, he asked his chief minister about it, and was told that it was called Temasek. Eager to explore the island, he returned to his ship and set sail.

En route to the island, a violent storm broke out, forcing him and his crew to throw out heavy items into the sea to keep the ship afloat. On the advice of the ship’s captain, Sang Nila Utama threw his crown and other treasures overboard as a gift to appease and perhaps calm the Sea. Soon after, the storm cleared away and they arrived safely at the shores of Temasek.

While exploring the island, he spotted a creature that looked like a 'singha' ('lion' in Sanskrit). Believing it to be a good omen, the prince and his men stayed on the island and founded a city, renaming it Singapura (Lion City)

As Singapore flourished centuries after centuries, the tale of the lost treasures has also come to pass and become only a legend... Or is it?

In this Multi-Player, Multi-Perspective Escape Room and Amazing Race Game, you will get the chance to rediscover Singapore through the lens of our unique local characters (with their own “superpower”!) and work together to uncover the lost treasure of Sang Nila Utama. Highly interactive and fun game that will test your knowledge of Singapore culture and lifestyle!

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