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The Lost Tomb of the Queen (Murder Mystery)

Role Playing Murder Mystery

Immersive Role-Play with Costume, Ancient Egypt Theme, Hybrid game setup, Deduction & Puzzle Solving

"The same dream kept repeating itself, haunting me like a cruel joke. Sometimes I felt as if it was calling out to me even during the day, as the hymn continued to echo in my head…

​Thou appearest beautifully on the horizon of heaven,
Thou living Aten, the beginning of life!”

Determined to demystify her recurring dream, Beth charted her course towards the Valley of the Kings with her professor and university classmates. Little did they know a cruel fate awaits them deep in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, where upon only unravel mysteries of the past could they shed light into the truths of the present..

"The Lost Tomb of the Queen" could be played either as Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) or Murder Mystery. Under CSI mode, players will collectively solve puzzles, investigate clues and interrogate suspects to uncover the truth and deduce the culprit. Under Murder Mystery mode, players will take on the perspective of different characters and work with one another to deduce the culprit among them while protecting their own secrets.

Price per pax


​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Success Rate

Average Rating

$28 per pax (virtual)


5 - 9 pax

3 hours

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